Hotel Security

At SEKURICO Ltd, we pride ourselves in providing highly professional Security Guards specifically to the hotel industry. Not all badged security personnel are suited to perform hotel security duties. Hotel security guards are in the public eye and being an integral part of the professional security services, our personnel are well presented and handpicked. We ensure that the hotel management in our protection feels confident that the security guards and/ security officers sent to them are transparent, reliable, security vetted and highly competent within the hotel security environment. Security is vital to the success of independent hotels and properties that are part of a larger brand. We keep in mind that guests bring valuables and important documents into their hotel rooms and while in-room safes help to guard guests’ jewellery and money, they need to feel protected at every stage of their stay with peace-of-mind knowing that they are out of danger. SEKURICO Ltd hotel security Guards provides the following services:

Residential Security

SEKURICO provide well-presented SIA trained security personnel to protect your home and assets 24/7. Currently, we are engaged in contracts with high nett worth VIP clients in London Mayfair, Belgravia, Kensington, Manhattan NYC and Bel Air LA, ensuring their inhabited and vacant properties are well-secured at all cost.

The rise in crimes and terrorism acts by organised gangs and groups, have made the wealthy of all backgrounds extremely vulnerable to be targets of burglaries and attacks. Last year alone over 44000 residential burglaries and 1229260 attacks took place.

CCTV and alarm systems plays an important role however, they also have limitations. Aside from causing extreme trauma and possible injury during the unlikely event of a break in, there is always the possibility of extensive damage to property and personal effects.

Personal Close Protection

SEKURICO provides Close protection services in the United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa, Colombia, and the Baltic Countries as well as armed PSD services in the Republic of Iraq.

We utilise well-presented SIA approved and country equivalent globally, Male and Female Close Protection operatives with exclusively ex-military and police backgrounds. Close protection calls for a special kind of person and not every close protection qualified person is suited for the challenges it presents. All our services are tailor made to the client’s specific circumstances and requirements. The secret of a mature operation is the selection of operatives with common sense to best suits the family unit it is protecting, who have excellent training coupled with experience who can blend in without being intrusive to client’s daily routine.


Our SEKURICO Managing Director spent nearly 13 years in Iraq in various roles from PSD manager, Project Manager, Deputy Country manager on private contracting work involving reconstruction projects, and as a Corporate Security Manager for an oil service company. There has been a staggering increase in the amount of hostile environment work available to SIA or other countries equivalent qualified close protection officers with the right experience. Close protection work in high risk environments is not for everyone. It involves working as part of an armed team in areas that are prone to be war zones. With conflict flaring up again in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is much demand for close protection officers willing to take on such high-risk appointments.