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SEKURICO Ltd is providing a wide range of security services throughout the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the CIS countries, through our affiliated partner company, Steel-MCVA Security Ltd.

Steel-MCVA Security Ltd was established in 1995 and it is a private company, fully licensed and certified by the Ministry of Interior in the Russian Federation following all its legal obligations.

Steel-MCVA Security Ltd is operated by its professional and highly experienced management and former servicemen from the Soviet and Russian Military, law enforcement and secret service agencies.

Our core competencies through Steel-MCVA Security are as follows:

Risk assessment and Management

Apart from our traditional security services, our Russian partner company is offering a wide range of information services, providing our current and prospective clients intelligence reports of utmost importance in creating a Risk Assessment plan and development of relevant mitigation strategies in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and CIS countries.

Whether prospective clients are in a Corporate, manufacturing or industrial setting, we offer comprehensive security risk assessment and management solutions to ensure the protection and safety of the company’s employees and its assets.

Due Diligence

We provide updated reliable due diligence services and a detailed analysis of information to all our clients.  Our partner company’s vast network in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries at the highest level of government, allows us to provide our clients with specialised investigative capabilities. Due diligence services of foreign entities require an in-depth understanding of local laws, language barriers or customs, especially where records are not readily available electronically. Our processes are designed to make the investor or buyer aware of the inherent risks of their business, to support the value placed on the investment or acquisition price and to flush out any key issues that may need further specialised investigation. Our Russia partner company have the expertise to assist you in any required type of business that you are involved in within Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries.

We do not compile public data, we provide our clients with an in-depth analysis of required information which can serve as an accurate, timely and practical risk assessment tool. We provide any industry with client-specific required due diligence services and solutions, backed up by our unprecedented support.

Our corporate due diligence services can assist in compliance issues as well as litigation and regulatory issues by providing up to date essential information in making sensible business decisions for mergers and acquisitions in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and CIS countries.

We can safely state that it is near impossible for any foreign entity conducting business in these countries, with the complexity of the systems that is present, without the expertise and full support of a well-connected local company.

Investigative and Intelligence Services

Our Russian partner company offers a wide range of investigative services in the Federation and the CIS countries. Acting as a private investigation agency, Steel-MCVA Security Ltd is providing reliable and accurate information and solutions to suit all client’s requirements in each of the specific Commonwealth of Independent States.

Whether your requirements concerning local corruption, extortion, internal employee issues such as theft or fraud, electronic bugging or due diligence matters, we can offer essential solutions to have the best outcome for our clients.

Executive Protection

We are providing professional close protection for private and corporate clients. All our personal protection officers are qualified and experienced in every aspect of keeping clients safe and giving them peace of mind. Our officers are selected to suit different clients’ situations and requirements best. We are utilising different protection services such as combined complex security systems consisting of standard to hidden forms of systems.

Immediate Reaction Unit

Our Immediate Reaction Unit capabilities is one of the most sophisticated and successful services we provide. Our officers consist of highly skilled and specifically trained servicemen who have ample experience on how to operate in extraordinary hostile environments.

Typically, we perform the following tasks:

  • Immediate reaction in order, to successfully resolve situations such as armed robbery, hostage situations, threats of violence and assault.
  • Strengthening of security guard shifts at stationary sites.
  • Resolving conflict situations between commercial entities and its employees.
  • Support of close protection teams.
  • Static security services where needed expeditiously.
  • Security guards for residential and corporate companies.
  • Access and entry control utilising specialised technical equipment.
  • Safe storage of Client’s valuable assets.
  • Private and corporate event security.


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