Core Personnel

Vetting of personnel

Stage 1 – Initial Selection Sourcing: SEKURICO encourages promotion through the ranks and will strive to fill a skilled position from existing personnel or a prospective candidate being introduced by an existing member of staff from SEKURICO

Stage 2 – Shortlisting: Careful shortlisting of candidates is carried out to identify those with the necessary skills for the vacant position(s). At this stage all details concerning the applicant are recorded and a photograph taken Those with the relevant skills are invited to an assessment program.

Stage 3 – Checks: Full background checks are then conducted as per their SIA procedures for locally employed Security Criminal Bureau checks will be requested from all prospective candidates. Only security personnel with an unblemished record will be utilized. All records will be documented on file in the SEKURICO office for inspection by any SIA or Client representative.

Stage 4 – Training On successfully passing all background checks, applicants are then enrolled in a further training program structured and designed to meet the requirements specified by SIA to include SEKURICO specific core subjects and requirements. Assessment continues throughout this stage with a still possible for those who do not meet the required standards

Stage 5 – Administration: After Induction training by a registered trainer and candidate still meeting all proficiency and security requirements, the candidate will go through the necessary administration for relevant identification badges.

Sekurico Personnel Requirements

Depending on the client’s specifications we can provide male and female security personnel. All our personnel are trained in customer service NVQ Level 2 and have a valid SIA license to legally perform our specialist services. At SEKURICO, we view our personnel as our most valuable asset and we pledge to provide them with the highest and continuous training to ensure only the very best, well presented, excellent communicators who are able to deal with any given situation in a non-confrontational calm demeanour.

Some of the training will include at least the following:

Close Protection

First Aid Training

Communications Training

Nebosch Health & Safety

Suspicious Package Recognition

NVQ Level 2 Customer Service

Fire Training

Concierge and reception training

Uniform will be a black or blue suit with a white shirt and Sekurico tie unless otherwise specified by the client

Nic van Heerden, Managing Director

Nic van Heerden is Ex-military – in the old South African defence force. Officers Infantry School – Oudtshoorn, South Africa. Equestrian Centre, Potchefstroom – Lieutenant. 1 SWASPES – Otavi, Southwest Africa. 2 Regt de la Rey Company and Sub-unit Commander. Nic holds British and South African citizenship. He has thirteen years’ experience in the middle east in roles such as Project manager, Dep Country manager on contracts with the USA Corps of Engineers, Personal security for USA Major General Ronald Johnson, Brig General Joseph Schroedel, USA Ambassador to Kuwait Richard Jones and he was also responsible for the security of Mr Lakhdar Brahimi, UN Middle East representative for Afghanistan and Iraq and Mr. Jalal Talabani, who later became President of Iraq. Prior to that five years with VIP Middle Eastern family Russian businessmen as well as various Close Protection tasks for high profile UK individuals. Nic started SEKURICO Ltd. in September 2014 and he is currently specialising in various VIP residential security contracts, hotel and event security functions. Nic was a qualified Medic in remote areas and he has a Nebosh Health and Safety qualification. He holds a teacher and agricultural degree.

Peter Sustek

Peter Sustek is a Close Protection Operative for a VIP Middle Eastern family. He has worked for SEKURICO for the past 2 years on a VIP residential security contract. Peter was a Captain in the Czech Republic Army and served 3 tours in Afghanistan. He is currently doing residential security for a VIP Arabian family at two residences in London. He also did close protection for Rihanna on various occasions. Peter recently competed in a bodybuilding competition in Dubai. He is an excellent team player and has a natural security awareness. Peter is also a combat medic with years of experience in the military.

Ingrid Gibson

Ingrid Gibson has been involved in security for the past 9 years and is an English/Argentinian who has a Close Protection qualification. She has extensive experience in protecting a Middle Eastern Princess for 2 years. Ingrid is currently on one of our residential security contracts. Ingrid is fully conversant in Spanish and English and she is an excellent team player with security awareness. She is a qualified first aider with years of practical experience. She has also been in the corporate event security business for over 3 years and possess an Argentinian and a British passport.

Ervin Mandrik

Ervin Mandrik, is from Hungary and he has been on one of our residential security contracts for nearly 3 years now. Ervin has 8 years security experience in London. He is fully conversant in Hungarian, Romanian and English. He also has 3 years’ experience in Hotel security. Ervin is an excellent communicator and a team player, first aid qualified and an extremely reliable security officer.

Bruno Santos

Bruno Santos has more than 10 years security experience in London and in Rome. Originally from Brazil he has a black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu. He is a self-defence instructor and has one of the busiest weekly classes in London. He also holds a diploma in personal training. Bruno has been on the residential security team for approximately 3 years and he has extensive experience in Hotel security as well. He has excellent customer service skills and is one of our senior personnel.

Bruno is fully conversant in Portuguese, Italian and English. He holds a Business Economics degree from the FSBA University Bahia in Brazil and he has extensive security experience at private and at corporate events.

Shelley Horn

Shelley Horn has extensive security experience in London. She has British and South African citizenship and she is a qualified customer service professional. Shelley possesses valuable experience in dealing with all members of the public, especially in events security and ensuring a high level of customer care. Shelley has worked for a Royal family and she is aware of the protocols that accompany the position. She has been providing residential security for the past year and she holds training certificates in First Aid, Front of House, Terrorism Awareness, Counter Terrorism Awareness. Shelley is an excellent front door host and she is well presented at all times.

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