Personal Close Protection

Personal Close Protection

SEKURICO provides Close Protection Services in the United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa, Colombia, Russia and the CIS Countries as well as armed PSD services in the Republic of Iraq.

SEKURICO utilises well-presented SIA approved and country equivalent globally, male and female close protection operatives with exclusively Ex-military and Police backgrounds. Close protection calls for a special kind of person and not every close protection qualified person is suited for the challenges it presents. All SEKURICO’s  services are tailor made to the client’s specific circumstances and requirements. The secret of a mature operation is the selection of operatives with common sense to best suit the family unit they are protecting, who have excellent training coupled with experience, who can blend in without being intrusive to a client’s daily routine.

SEKURICO believes in using Ex-military or armed Police officers who are on a different level than those who have not been exposed to the necessary training and experience in an armed conflict situation. This should be the benchmark for the selection of a close protection operative. There is no substitution for the quality of training received in the military or in the police force, as these Ex-military and armed Police officers have excellent situational awareness and they can react in a manner that would give any principal peace of mind.

There are too many non-military and Police close protection operatives in the United Kingdom and worldwide, who are trusted with the huge responsibility of protecting high value VIP Client’s. Most of the operatives with no experience can under- or over-react in threating situations which will inevitably be frowned upon and can lead to reputational damage to the clients as well as the companies who they represent.

SEKURICO believes that a mature experienced officer with the necessary military and police background and with reputable close protection company training, approved by the Security Standards Authority (SIA), who possess excellent diplomacy skills can benefit the reputation of their client’s as well as their respective security companies.

In selecting close protection operatives for a family, security companies should be able to properly vet applicants. The market is overwhelmed by applicants from various countries, who make it near impossible to vet them to a level where a company can feel comfortable that they have the right candidate and that they have a clean crime free background, especially when they work for families with small children.

SEKURICO have operatives with a range of skills such as advanced medical training, being Ex-military and Police officers, excellent driving skills and can converse in different languages to suit the client. SEKURICO is also convinced that client’s come to the United Kingdom to be looked after by the citizens of the country and this is the reason why SEKURICO uses mainly British operatives who we know we could vet to a standard and we are convinced that we have the best candidate for the task. The same is valid for our overseas operations where we have working agreements with host country, SIA equivalent approved companies, performing duties in areas they know very well and who know the laws and the regulations of their respective countries better.

SEKURICO’s operation has specific standard operation documents for each VIP residence, that are tailor made to the client’s requirements. Regular weekly meetings with the Person of Contact (POC) on each project is encouraged, to iron out problems that may arise as quickly as possible. SEKURICO appoints a team leader for every different residence who is responsible for the day to day running of the operation. They are selected for their exceptional people, managerial, emotionally mature and excellent security awareness skills. They are responsible for a weekly or a monthly report to the POC once the report has been approved by SEKURICO’s management.

Close protection supervisor services typically performed on a daily basis include:

  • Regular daily meetings with the Person of Contact (POC) to get the daily events.
  • The planning of programmes and events that the family want to attend.
  • To identify a potential threat and the gathering of intelligence.
  • Liaising with the assigned driver about the intended family’s daily plans.
  • Primary and Secondary route planning of client visits.
  • Liaising with the CP advance team on the venue locations and the security procedures.
  • Travel planning and emergency standard operations procedures in the event of a threat.
  • Liaising with the residential security team on standard operating procedures in the event of an intruder, a medical emergency or a fire alarm.
  • Ensuring that they have the appropriate emergency numbers in the event of an emergency.
  • Travel security planning.
  • All Asset protection of the client.
  • De-briefs after every operation to discuss the outcome.
  • Ensuring that all close protection operatives have signed a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect the identity and the privacy of the principal and the family at all cost.

Please contact SEKURICO to discuss your specific requirements on +44(0)20 7118 1480 or at All enquiries will be treated as strictly confidential.

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