Hostile Environment Security


SEKURICO Managing Director spent nearly 13 years in Iraq in various roles from PSD manager, Project Manager, Deputy Country manager on private contracting work involving reconstruction projects, and as a Corporate Security Manager for an Oil Service Company. There has been a huge increase in the amount of Hostile Environment work available to SIA or other country equivalent qualified close protection officers with the right experience. Close protection work in high Austere environments is not for everyone. It involves working as part of an armed team in areas that are basically a war zone. With conflict flaring up again in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is much demand for close protection officers willing to take on such high-risk appointments.

To qualify for work in these environments you will be a highly experienced ex- military with years of training in hostile environments as well as the following;

  • At least 5 years as armed Ex-Military or Police
  • Experience in PSD operations in High risk environments
  • Medically trained to at least FPOS1 or MIRA
  • Certified SIA training in Close Protection or Country equivalent
  • Good analytical and communication skills.
  • Even balanced temperament and level-headed at all times
  • A clean CRB Check in Country of Origin

The personnel responsible for hiring close protection officers to work in such conditions are typically from a background of ex-military or Police themselves.

Contracting work in high-austere environments is a closed off world until you are able, to break through with the correct skills and contacts. The typical work performed in these countries are Personal Security Detail (PSD), Site Security, Project Managers, Training and Corporate security Managers. SEKURICO offers corporate and executive protection through our Joint Ventures partners designed for personnel travelling within Iraq. Armed Protection Teams (APTs) or Personnel Security Details (PSDs) can be configured to meet all client’s expectations for them to complete contractual obligations. Each team is specifically trained to provide a professional service tailored to the exact requirements of each client. Our Standard Operating Procedures are continually updated and are in line with major oil and gas industry standards to ensure appropriate and cost-effective protection for our clients. We have provided mobile security services to major oil and gas companies, governmental personnel and corporate clients without serious incident or loss since 2003.  SEKURICO joint venture partners can operate anywhere in Iraq where required to do so by the client. They are adequately licensed by the Iraqi Government, and we are only utilizing these handpicked professional companies, whose professional management we have worked with and trust for years after involvement in Iraq since 2003. No company can do business in Iraq without an Iraqi/Expat company registered in Iraq by the Department of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior (MOI). SEKURICO are able to offer Iraq wide Representation through our partners, including Kurdistan to cover all areas and services needed. SEKURICO management have throughout the many years had the distinct privilege in dealing with some of the top players in the reconstruction process of Iraq, by providing personal security protection to them on missions throughout Iraq.

Driving in Iraq

No Expat is allowed to drive in Iraq accept Local National drivers who have an encyclopaedical knowledge of the routes, have undergo rigorous training and abide by the speed restriction set by the company. They have been doing so for years and are assessed by our Joint venture companies on a regular basis competency.


Operators working for our partner companies have years of experience in Iraq and ensure all new recruits are getting an induction on local customs and company standard Operating procedures. At least every three months there are range practicing to ensure weapons are in a working order and that PSD teams have regular practice shooting. Team leaders are expected to take the lead in practicing drills on emergency actions in the unlikely event of an incident.

Life Support Services

We are dealing with companies that have the best life support facilities in place in Iraq and our clients can feel comfortable with luxurious and safe lodging 5 minutes from Baghdad International Airport.

The typical services that are provided are as follows:

Fully Equipped Gym & Sauna

Tennis Court

Basket-Ball Court with Fibre Glass Boards

Large Outdoor Cinema

Well Equipped Kitchen

Qualified Experienced Chefs

Hygienic Food Preparation

Wide Selection of Food

Large Seating Capacity

240 Comfortable Large Bedrooms

Ample Storage & Wardrobes

Airconditioned Rooms

Bedrooms Ensuite

20 VIP Bedrooms

100 Plus Satellite Channels

Soft Drinks & Music

Relaxing Lounge

Recreational Games

State of The Art Furniture

Spacious Meeting Room

Airconditioned Room

Podium with Microphone

Plasma TV Screen & Board

Board Meeting with a professional Touch

Variety of Drinks

Airconditioned room

Music & Entertainment

Comfortable Lounge

Ideal Meeting & Relaxing Room

Security Services

Our Immigration and Escort service is available if you need assistance during your immigration process. Our highly trained and experienced team member would be at hand to assist you with processing travel documents that are required to positively pass through the Immigration Hall and customs. Due the nature of this process, we would need to ensure that all your documents are up to date and accurate. If any further documents are needed, these would need to be sourced in advance and translated in advance. Our teams are at hand to help in this regard as well.

We provide a hassle-free visa service assistance for visitors to Iraq, ensuring a fast and smooth application process. Our dedicated team would seek to ensure that the application process of your visa is done as quickly as possible and aim to keep your travel dates intact.
Our services include:
– The translation of support documents.
– Cross checking of support documents and visa applications.
– Submission and collection of passport and visa applications

We offer a personalised meet & greet service to facilitate your passage comfortably,  through Baghdad International where you will be received by a member of our partner company who will guide you through the process from the moment you are landing or prior to departure. It will ensure a smooth transition through the Baghdad International Airport from start to finish. Accommodation are available for short and long-term stays, depending on the client’s requirements.

Transport to the Airport & pick-ups to other meeting places are available in B6 Armoured Toyota Land Cruisers are available on request. All vehicles are regularly serviced and an Air condition Larger groups can be transported in busses, Van’s or Car’s. Baghdad International Airport is only 5 minutes away from the compound.

Our joint venture partners conducted business in accordance with company values, which are quality and commitment to our clients, professionalism to their work and integrity. They are members of the International Code of Conduct and follow the Voluntary Principles of Security and Human rights – which they ensure, are part of their strategy, culture and day-today operations.


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