Our Clients

Some of these clients include the following:

Colonel Promotable Joseph Schroedel (later promoted to Brigadier General in Iraq), Deputy Commander, U.S. Corps of Engineers of the Gulf Regional Development (USACE).

General Schroedel was responsible for delivering multi-billion dollar projects worldwide and for the $12 billion dollar reconstruction of Iraq. I was tasked to work as his Personal Detail leader for Security, escorting him on his  travels throughout Iraq, visiting reconstruction projects and meeting with high profile tribal leaders in Iraq for negotiations. Many of these missions were to attend the US soldier’s funeral services, who had bravely perished in battle with the extremist forces in Iraq. General Schroedel was a very competent leader and he was constantly on the road, meeting with commanders of his units; no matter how high the danger factor or the distances we had to travel. He commanded extreme respect from all persons who he came into contact with and he was always fair in any decision-making process. General Joseph Schroedel was a qualified MS Civil Engineer and a valued high-ranking retired officer who had served 34 years in the U.S. military and later designed and managed the build and the construction of an $18 billion dollar powerplant in South Africa.

Major General Ronald Johnson, Officer Commander, U.S. Corps of Engineers of the Gulf Regional Development (USACE).

Major General Ronald Johnson served as the deputy commanding general and the deputy chief of engineers; the second highest-ranking senior engineer staff officer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Major General Ronald retired in April 2008, after 32 years of military service.

Major General Johnson also served as the commander of the USACE’s Gulf Region Division (GRD) and was the U.S. Deputy Director of the Program Management Office (PMO) in Iraq, where he was responsible for $18.4 billion reconstruction, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Under his command he was responsible for approximately 2,000 soldiers, seamen, airmen, marines, civilians, and Iraqi nationals who were involved in executing the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund Program. For a period I was his personal security detail leader; accompanying him to meetings at the Baghdad Palace every morning, as well as on travels outside the Green Zone in Baghdad, to meet with Iraqi leaders. Major General Johnson  also conducted a funeral service, honouring two of our most dear fallen colleagues, Fish Visagie and Francois de Beer, for which we will be eternally thankful (see picture).

United States Ambassador Richard Jones Chief Policy Officer, Iraq.

Ambassador Richard Jones is a career Foreign Service Officer and a member of the Senior Foreign Office. My team and I were his Personal Security Detail while he worked for MVM Inc, who had the Department of Justice contract; as their first PSD Team leader and team in Iraq. I was tasked with my team, to accompany Ambassador Richard Jones  and Ambassador Christopher Ross on visits to Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Head of the Islamic Council Aziz al-Hakim, Mr. Masoud Barzani, Mr. Jalal Talabani, various Tribal Leaders and most Iraqi Ministers. I had to inform Mr. Ayad Allawi at 0300 in the morning, that he had been appointed as Iraq’s first Prime Minister; and post Saddam Hussein, I accompanied him to meetings, until he left Iraq in June 2004, as the newly appointed United States Ambassador to Israel (2005–2008). Ayad Allawi served as ambassador to Lebanon from February 1996 until July 1998 and was appointed ambassador to Kazakhstan from December 1998 until July 2001. He served as ambassador to Kuwait from September 2001 until July 2004. From November 2003 until June 2004, Richard Jones served concurrently as Chief Policy Officer and Deputy Administrator for the Coalition Divisional Authority in Baghdad. He worked in Kuwait to enlist Kuwaiti support for the Iraq War under Mr. Paul Bremer to implement the November 15, 2003 Agreement with the Iraqi Governing Council.​

Mr. Jalal Talabani

Mr. Jalal Talabani, widely known as Mam Jalal or Uncle Jalal, typically in bespoke suits, enjoyed nothing as much as a bountiful table and Cuban cigars; and he loved to hand cigars out to people he met. Mr. Talabani was a member of the Iraqi Governing Council, which drafted the country’s interim Constitution after the war. The National Assembly named him interim President in April 2005, to succeed Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer. A year later, he became the first president to be elected under the new constitution. The skill of political flexibility that he had was because he was perceived as being able to talk to anybody. He helped Iraq to navigate the post-Saddam years, as the country lurched from crisis to crisis. Always in good humour, no matter what the external circumstance were, Mr. Talabani believed in his country and in his countrymen, who saw the potential of a free and united Iraq. He was the first non-Arab to hold the post (it’s now occupied by Fuad Masum, another Kurd) and he continued in the largely ceremonial position, to do what he was best known for; negotiating. We were tasked to do site security for him at a meeting at his residence beside the picturesque Lake Dukan, with Ambassador Richard Jones.

Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi

Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi was the United Nations special representative for Afghanistan and Iraq. Before his appointment in 2001 by the Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan, he had served the U.N. as special representative to Haiti and South Africa. Before coming to the U.N., Mr. Brahimi, who represented the National Liberation Front in Tunis during Algeria’s independence movement in 1956–1961, was an Arab League official (1984–1991) and the Algerian Minister for Foreign Affairs from 1991 until 1993. Lakhdar Brahimi was also chair of the Panel on United Nations Peace Operations, which produced the influential Brahimi Report. He came to Baghdad in April 2004, to help determine how and when Iraqi elections could be held. I was promoted to Deputy Country Manager for MVM Inc. who had the DOJ contracts, and I was tasked to look after his security, with some of my  South African MVM security team members, when he stayed at the pool house behind Saddam Hussein’s Palace. On his visit to South Africa, one of my team who had looked after him accidentally bumped into him at the Westville Hotel in Johannesburg when he attended Nelson Mandela’s funeral. He had an unbelievable good memory and recognized him immediately.

During our time, we have also been tasked with security details for numerous Colonels’ security, such as Colonel Joe Szoboszlay, Colonel Bjarne Iverson and Colonel Lettie Bien, to name but a few. These officers were absolutely consummate professionals who were a pleasure to escort to the airport and to projects in Iraq, for meetings.

Qaya Ltd.

Qaya Ltd. is a professional management company that has provided real estate services, design and fitting out of luxury private residential accommodation, on behalf of VIP clients for private use. SEKURICO has been very pleased to provide Residential Security services to Qaya Ltd. on various projects in Belgravia, Mayfair, Basingstoke in London and the USA, during the past five years. SEKURICO specialises in residential security and we have an extensive portfolio for securing VIP clients residences and assets. SEKURICO’s well-presented security has years of experience and we are all SIA vetted close protection professionals.

SEKURICO is flexible, providing bespoke tailor-made services specific to every variety of a client’s requirements. SEKURICO officers are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before they are allowed to enter a client’s property. SEKURICO understands and we respect the client’s privacy and we protect it at all cost. SEKURICO operates solely in a non-intrusive, non-interfering discreet manner, as dictated by our clients. Typically, SEKURICO creates a site-specific instruction manual for every unique residential situation, on site, to ensure that our officers have a standard operating procedure in place, to give families in residence peace of mind. The rise in crime perpetrated by organised gangs and groups have made high value properties extremely vulnerable to burglaries, and the inhabitants to attacks.

At SEKURICO we carefully select our close protection officers, who are able to interact with the principal’s children naturally and comfortably. It goes without saying that all SEKURICO officers have to present a clean Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, to safeguard a client’s children. It is our utmost priority to provide understanding male or female officers when it comes to dealing with our clients’ most precious possessions and their families.

SEKURICO forms professional and good working relationships with house managers and we have weekly meetings to discuss instructions and any related issues that may arise. All SEKURICO officers have ample experience in etiquette and protocol, that is required when working with VIP and Royal families.


SEKURICO has signed a contract with the five star Intercontinental Hotel, The O2 Hotel in Greenwich, London, to provide various security services to ensure the safety of their clients and their staff.

The River Intercontinental London – The O2 Hotel stands out on the buzzing Greenwich Peninsula, with 453 luxury rooms, a beauty SPA, a Michelin restaurant and a ballroom that accommodates up to 3000 people; which makes it the biggest in London and ideal for corporate functions, for events and for company meetings.

The Hotel is conveniently situated next to the O2 arena and is only 5.1 miles away from the London City Airport.