About us

About us

SEKURICO was established as a British Company in England & Wales in 2014 to provide a range of specialised security services to Local and International VIP clients and Royal families globally.

SEKURICO strengths are the ability to listen to the customer’s security requirements and identify emerging threats, best working practices and reliable customer care. 

We have spent over 30 years in the security Industry at home and abroad and pride ourselves in the fact that our Managing Director and our managers, who are coming from a Military background as ex Officers with extensive experience in first world as well as in volatile countries. Our personnel are handpicked, well presented and have a proven record over years of dedication and hard work.

SEKURICO is an equal opportunities company that believes in employing high skilled British and international ex-military and Police security personnel by providing them with quality and specific ongoing practical training, to complement their existing expertise. SEKURICO management believe investing in our personnel will have long-term benefits to both the security industry and our Clients.

We found rather than having our personnel scattered in offices all over the world that it would be more sensible and cost effective to have joint ventures with International companies owned by ex-colleagues we worked with in high austere environments through the years after establishing a good working relationship, to further develop our services globally. Local expertise and knowledge specific to countries abroad are the most effective and logical way to provide Clients with the best possible outcome. We pride ourselves in the fact that our security personnel are able, to lead teams to secure not only Clients and their assets but also the long-term reputation of SEKURICO.

We have the necessary flexibility and understanding of protocol and graphical identities to deliver tailored-made security solutions that will meet specific needs and budgets of each client.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements on +44(0)20 7118 1480 or at nicolas@sekuric.com. All enquiries will be treated strictly confidential.

Who We Are

Our joint venture partners have offices in South Africa, United States of America, Colombia, and the Baltic States, Italy, Germany and the Republic of Iraq, to place us in an excellent position to provide, not only high standards of security services and logistical support but also to give our clients peace of mind to build a long lasting and trusted association. Our security personnel understand the importance of being ambassadors to our company to establish a mature, workable report with our Client’s by delivering flexible and quality solutions and demonstrate excellent relations.

SEKURICO was registered in England and Wales under no 8940113, with its registered office in Office 3.05, 1 King Street, London EC2V 8AU and 31 Glengoland Parade, Dunmurry, Belfast. BT17 0JF in Ireland.

We are a proudly British company who believe that our business is as good as our well- presented experienced ex-Military and Police personnel we utilise, our standards of operations, Code of Conduct, administration efficiency, vetting processes, and our experienced management, we maintain in accordance with the SIA regulations; BS7858; ISO 9001:2015 and ICoCA.

Our Vision

Our Past

Operated in the military in volatile Countries in Africa as either Platoon-and later Company and sub-unit commanders, laid the foundation of our success. We spent nearly 13 years in  High-Austere Countries in private security contractor roles, as deputy country and project managers. Our main tasks were to protect USA Corps of Engineers and their senior leader group overseeing various restructuring projects building Clinics, Police stations, Oil and Energy infrastructure Country-wide. We worked as deputy Country managers for USA, British, South African and Iraqi Expat companies working for the USA Department of Justice, transporting essential equipment and USA Ambassadors Richard Jones and Christopher Ross to important meeting country-wide to visit the Grand Ayatolla Ali Sistani, the head of the Moslem Council, Aziz Al Hakim, President Jalal Talabani and various other ministers and tribal leaders, as well with the security of the United Nations head for Iraq and Afghanistan Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi.

Our Present

We value our Contractors and Client’s and listens to any constructive criticism to better ourselves all the time. We are honest and direct with them and we treat them as important as our own families. We provide flexible proactive services and pride ourselves with the fact that our prestigious clients whose properties and families we have protected for years, without any incidents. Their valuable properties we look after as if it is our own.  We know we are only as good as our Contractors, therefore we will continue investing in our most valuable assets to provide the best possible services to our Clients. Along with our contractors, who are the real unsung hero’s in our organisation in a dog eat dog business that doesn’t always have the best image, we attempt to change perceptions with honest and caring services.

Our Future

We will continue to Tailor-make our services to the specific needs of our Clients, who are the only drivers to bring out the best in us to ensure their safety, Residences, other assets and reputation at all cost. Our ultimate task is to deliver our UTMOST best and to embrace Health & Safety, Environment, Social responsibilities and best Outcomes.

Our Guarantee

We will respond to changes in the security Industry to continually streamlining our level of service by appointing a coordinator and apply new developments in technology to ensure our security services are built around Client’s requirements and that they are delivered according to expectations and on time.

Our Ethics

Our reputation for integrity and unquestionable ethical behaviour is widely renowned. All SEKURICO activities are conducted with the highest degree of discretion, integrity and client confidentiality within the framework of national and international law, while at the same time maintaining complete corporate transparency. SEKURICO is committed to proper industry accountability and regulation. confidentiality within the framework of national and international law, while at the same time maintaining complete corporate transparency. 


Our clients and our employees are our greatest assets and SEKURICO is committed to providing the most effective and reliable security services. SEKURICO believes that long term success is achieved by delivering consistent, measurable results and value to its clients. We will respond to changes in the industry to continually streamline our level of service by appointing a Coordinator to ensure our security services are built around your specific requirements. Although security supports the client needs, communication with subcontractors, mission planning and scheduled activities play an integral role in the coordinated efforts required to perform the scope of services our Client’s require. We work closely with our clients to identify opportunities to increase productivity and reduce cost by looking at various security configurations while maintaining an effective security posture. We do thorough background checks on all employees to provide a high degree of confidence that no employee hired constitutes a security risk.


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